Healthy lunch idea with Dindese

I've been spending some time at home lately so a healthy lunch is a must. I want to show you 2 very easy healthy lunch ideas with Dindese. Dindese is a turkey bacon that can be used instead of normal bacon. They have bacon strips and breakfast bacon. As I said, I've made two recipes so read on. Enjoy!

Healthy bowl

My first recipe is a healthy bowl. It's the easiest lunch ever and it's even delicious. The only thing you have to do is baking the Dindese bacon and adding all the other ingredients. Put everything in a bowl and add some olive oil. It's ready to eat!

- Dindese turkey bacon

- Lettuce

- Sun dried tomatoes

- Olive oil

- Sunflower seeds

Wrap it

A wrap is always handy and easy to make. I've used the breakfast bacon for this wrap. Combined this with some other things and wrapped it all together. It's also handy for on the go!

- Dindese breakfast bacon

- Lettuce

- Dried onion

- Philadelphia

xoxo Yana