Barnängen - some Swedish beauty

Maybe you've seen this brand in store, Bärnangen is a Swedish brand that found its way to Belgium. The brand is well known in Sweden so now it's time to discover their products here. I thought that it would be interesting to take you through my favorite Barnängen products and to tell you more about them.

Barnängen is an authentic Swedish brand that loves the traditions they have. They'll make sure to keep those traditions. The authentic Swedish formula, design and natural ingredients make the products amazing. It's found in Stockholm in 1868 by Johan Wilhem Holmström. The brand exists a lot of years and thanks their success to the simplicity.

Nordique Care

Barnängen has developed two ranges: Nordique Cair and Nordiques Rituals. The Cair range combines natural ingredients with Barnängers famous cold cream. This is a formula based on the iconic soap. There are 7 products in total in this range.

  • All Over Rescue Body Balm 200ml

  • Caring Shower Cream & Body Lotion 400ml

  • Nutritive Shower Cream & Body Lotion 400ml

  • Sensitive Shower Cream & Body Lotion 400ml

Nordique Rituals

The second range they've developed is Nordiques Rituals. The Rituals range is inspired by summer. It has a fresh smell and looks very colorful. The formula is based on natural ingredients like birch extract, sea salt and floral oils and the last ingredient is a unique hydrating serum.

My favorite product is the Midsommar Glow Body oil. It is an oil that you can spray on your body. It hydrates your skin and smells amazing. The oil isn't sticky at all and will work into your skin in less than a minute.

There are 7 products as well in this range.

  • Glacier Breeze Shower & Bath Gel 400ml

  • Sauna Relax Shower & Bath Gel 400ml

  • Midsommar Glow Shower & Bath Gel 400ml

  • Midsommar Glow Body Oil 150ml

xoxo Yana