E visum service takes you anywhere

Two weeks ago, I had a giveaway going on on my personal facebook page. I was giving away 2 visums to Viëtnam in collaboration with E Visum service. E Visum service is a Dutch company that provides visums for 13 countries; Vietnam, China, Australia, Uganda, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenia, Myanmar, India, Cambodia, Canada, Turkey and the USA. No matther where you want to go, they can help you with your visum. The price of a visum depends on the country where you want to go to. They are all between €19,95 - € 125,95.

You can basically apply on their website by filling in the online form. They'll check everything and if everything is fine, they will send your visum through mail. They can also send it to you but that costs €3,50 extra. This makes it a lot easier than going to an office center for your visum.

Visum Vietnam


xoxo Yana