SodaStream - The perfect gift

After a full week of beauty gifts, it's time for something else. I tried the SodaStream Crystal sparkling water maker, to give you my honest opinion about it. Let's go ahead and tell you more about the good and bad points.

SodaStream is a machine that changes normal water into sparkling water. You can add a flavour and you'll have some soft drinks. They have a huge range of different tastes to add to your drink. They even have zero tastes for the ones who prefere that. You can make your own 'cola' and 'sprite' at home with this sodastream and some water.

I tested the SodaStream Crystal, that's a "more expensive" edition of the SodaStream. It looks a bit more luxurious because the plastic bottle is replaced for a glass bottle. The SodaStream will close totally so you can't see the bottle anymore. The other machines are showing the bottle during the process of putting sparkles into it. The holder is metal and the rest is made from plastic. The Crystal version is available in two colors: black and white.

Good or bad?

I do like the SodaStream because the design is amazing. It's very classy and luxurious and will fit in every kitchen. The SodaStream is very handy because you don't need any electricity to make you sparkling drinks. The only thing you need is a CO2 cilinder. The disadvantage about a cilinder is the price. Those cilinders are very expensive but are cheaper than buying every year a lot of soft drinks so it depends on your use. I would definitely recomend a SodaStram Crystal as a Christmasgift!

SodaStream Crystal - € 135

(PS: They have sets with extra bottles and even glasses now.)