Easy cooking during X-mass with Homie

Christmas time is the perfect time to cook something nice. Airfyer Homie helps me to survive this season of baking, frying and cooking. My Homie is the perfect Homie during this season.

Healthy eating is so important these days. Everyone wants to be skinny and eat clean. Well this airfryer will help you for sure. You can make anything you want in the airfryer instead of the fryer or oven. The airfryer don't need any oil and is prepares your food way faster.

You can bake a cake, prepare fish, bake bread, make fries, .. anything in this airfryer. I chose to make a cake to show you how it works. I have the regular airfryer without the baking pan so baking a cake was a more difficult than I thought. Normally you have to put baking paper in your bin and put the cakemix in it. That's what I did.. I cut some baking paper to put into the bin but and put it into the airfryer to preheat but while preheating, it smelled a little bit burned.. I decided to open the airfryer and to see what was going on. The baking paper was burned!! Let's give it an other go and cut the baking paper a bit more. Because I had to cut it more, I could only bake a cake of 4 cm's witch is a small one. So one tip: buy a baking pan :-). I've learned my lesson. (Btw: the cake was delicious) Otherwise, my fries and my sweet potatoes tasted great!


No oil needed

Nice design



A lot functions


Different taste

You can't see what's going on inside.

In my opinion is this airfryer a must have. What happened with my cake is good to know but they have a solution and that's the baking pan so normally their shouldn't happen something like that. The quality is amazing and everything tastes perfect. It tastes a bit different than in a normal fryer with oil but it is way healthier so I like that. I give this Homie a 7/10.

Airfryer Homie - € 114,95

Baking pan - € 19,95

xoxo Yana