Christmas beauty gift gide: The Body Shop

I'm going to give you some extra inspiration during this week. If you still don't know what to buy for Christmass.. well read every day my Christmas beauty gift guide and maybe at the end of the week, you'll have an idea! I will post every day another gift idea.

It's a variation of make-up, beauty and home products. Enjoy!

I'm so so sory that his blogpost is later than the others but there was a problem with my camera so now everything is solved we can go street ahead. Number 6 on the list is The Body Shop. They have amazing products and a well-known holiday collection. I decided to tell you more about my five favorites products from this year's collection.

1. Body butter

The most popular product from the body shop is for sure their body butter. The texture is amazing and they have a lot of different scents. They came with 3 special scents for the holiday season; Frosted Plum, Vanilla Chai and Frosted Berries. My favorite one is Frosted berries because I'm a red fruit lover. The butters are packed in a 200ml jar and last a long time.

Body butter - €17

2. Metallic lipstick

The lipstick trend is for sure the metallic lipstick and even bodyshop has a range of metallic ones. They brought out 6 metallic shades that will finish your look for the holidays. The shades are a variation between nude, pink and red. The lipsticks are liquid and won't dry out your lips. They feel more like a lipgloss but with a cool finish.

Metallic lipstick - €9

3. Star liner

Hands down my favorite product is the star liner. I'm obsessed with stars so this one is like made for me. The star liner is double ended. On one end you'll have a real liner and on the other end a star stamp. Your eyelook will definitely look better than ever. I love it already. What do you think about the star stamp?

Star liner - €12

4. Bath bombs and bath bubbles

The day after is the day that you want to take a relaxing bath so bodyshop made an amazing range of bath bombs and bubbles. My favorite scent is mango. As mango is my favorite fruit, it feels like I'm living a dream. There are also 7 other scents like vanilla, green tea, pink grapefruit, ....

Bath bombs and bath bubbles - €2

5. Powder puff shimmer x House of Holland

Do you remember those films where a princes puts glitter on her arms well The Body Shop and House of Holland made that for us. Now every woman can feel like a real princes with the powder puff shimmer. This is actually a box full of shimmer and a powder puff on top of it. The packaging is holographic and beautiful but the inside is way better. The glitter lasts hours and looks amazing.

Powder puff shimmer - €17

xoxo Yana