Let's curl it with Max Pro Twist

Since I've cut my hair to shoulder lenght, I love to try out different styles. I was used to curl my long hair with a 32mm curling iron. Now that I've cut my hair I only have like 25mm to curl so I needed a smaller curlin iron to make some nice curls.

I decided to try a new brand so I found Max Pro. It's a Dutch brand that's founded in 2013. They have a big selection of professional hair and styling tools. A lot of hairdresses and stylists do use their tools.

As I said I chosed the Max Pro Twist 25mm curling iron. they have a different range of curling irons between 19 and 32 mm. I don't like those tiny curls so that's why I chosed the bigger one. The curling iron only needs only 4 seconds to warm up and every curls takes only 3 seconds to be perfectly curled. You can change the temperature between 180 and 220 degrees. These's a LCD displays that shows the degrees. The iron itself is kermaic and the handle is rubber. Ther's also a glove in the box to protect your other hand while curling your hair. If you forget to turn the curling iron off, it will turn off itself after 60 minutes.

This curling iron gives my amazing curls as you can see on the picture unterneath. It took arround 10 minutes to curl my hair. I chosed for a nonchalant and casual look someting like I woke up like this but better. This curling iron is for sure a must have and is a perfect price quality ratio. The only thing I don't like that much about the curling iron is that the cord at the end of the curling iron does not rotate. This makes it a bit difficult sometimes but I can handle it. :-)

Max Pro Twist 25mm - € 79,95

xoxo Yana