Christmas gift guide beauty: Yves Rocher

I'm going to give you some extra inspiration during this week. If you still don't know what to buy for Christmass.. well read every day my Christmas beauty gift guide and maybe at the end of the week, you'll have an idea! I will post every day another gift idea.

It's a variation of make-up, beauty and home products. Enjoy!

Yves Rocher comes every year with a great Christmas collection. This year they have really outdone themselves. They have small gift sets, individual products and an advents callender! In this article I'll share my favorites of the collection.

1. Christmas house Marvelous Berries

As the name says, this is an house filled with nice products. This gift set contains 4 products that all have a great hold on Marvelous Berries. The 4 products are: a hand cream of 30ml, shower gel of 50ml, body milk of 50ml and a lip balm. The products are all travelsize so convenient to take with you. (This house is also available in the fragrance White Vanilla)

Christmas house Marvelous Berries - € 9,95

2. Bad and shower gel & bodyscrub with sugar

The best thing about their holliday colelction is that they not only focus on gift sets but they also sell products individually. Including the bath and shower gel and the body scrub with sugar. Both have the fragrance of Marvelous Berries and are a super combination in the shower. You can also get them in the fragrance White Vanilla.

Bad and shower gel - €1,95

Bodyscrub with sugar - €12,95

3. Set of 5 nail polishes

Another favorite gift set of mine is the nail polish set. This set contains 5 nail polishes that fit every Christmas outfit. The colors are a variation of rose-red and silverish colors. All colors are easy to apply and dry quickly.

Set of 5 nail polishes - €14,90

4. Scented candle

In addition to all beauty and care, there is also room for a scented candle within this Christmas collection. This candle weighs 70gr and is very compact. It contains vanilla extract, essential oils of bergamot, cedar wood and litsea. This fragrance is perfect during the warm winter days.

Scented candle - €5,90

xoxo Yana