Dolce Gusto Lumio - Review

A coffee a day keeps the doctor away, they said. I've never been a black coffee drinker but I am a big big BIG fan of Latte Macchiato's, Cappuccino's, etc. That's the reason why a regular coffee machine isn't that interesting to me. Now I discovered something better; the Dolce Gusto.

I've been using the Dolce Gusto Lumio for two weeks and I love it. The design, the taste, .. everything is better than I could imagine. Because I love reading reviews about electronic devices, I thought it might be usefull if I write a review about the Dolce Gusto.

Why I love the Dolce Gusto Lumio?

- Frist of all the Design. It a very special but modern design. The Lumio is available in 3 colors: Red, White and black. I have the red version an it's a very attractive red. The Lumio is for sure an eyecatcher in the kitchen. They also thought about the details because even the cord is red!

- The variety is amazing. Can you believe that this coffee machine can also make hot tea but also ice tea! Believe it or not but you can make everything with this. The only thing you need are the capsules. They have for example the normal Latte Macchiatto but they have also one with caramel and vanilla. For the vegans, they have coffee with soja milk! They also have a lot of tea's, hot chocolates, Moka coffee, ice tea, .. Everything you can imagine!

- Hot and cold function. This coffee machine has the amazing cold function. That's how you can make ice tea. Even if you want to use loose tea, you can push warm without putting a capsule and you'll have hot water to make some tea. This function makes it so easy to drink whatever you want.


I can't believe that a coffee machine can be so handy! This make's everything a lot easier in the kitchen and does look good. Isn't that a perfect combination? The taste of the coffee is amazing and there is a lot of choice. I give this machine definitely a 9,5/10 !

xoxo Yana