iWhite gives me a white smile

If you're following me for on instagram (@yanahuremovic), you probably know that I was using the new iWhite Dark stains whitening kit. After posting my blog about the Oral B genius, I was searching for the best whitening kit. iWhite seems to be very good so I decided to try it for you guys!

The iWhite dark stains is made to remove the dark stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes and red wine. I don't smoke and don't drink red wine so my stains could come from coffee and tea. The whole kit has a toothpaste, toothbrush and 10 mouthpieces. The products are made of a typical iWhite formula combined with the dark pigment adsorption technology.

The technology is based on the strong, binding properties of encapsulated activated carbon that look like microbeads. After activation, the microspheres adsorb, neutralize and eliminate the dark spots and bad breath caused by smoking and drinking coffee, tea or red wine. In addition, the formula also prevents the formation of new dark spots on the teeth.

How to use it?

You have to brush your teeth every morning and evening. After brushing your teeth, it's time to use the mouthpieces. You have to put it in your mouth on your upper or lower teeth. Don't bite on it because the product will come out of it and it has to stay on your teeth. You have to hold it for 20 minutes. After those 20 minutes, you can take it out of your mouth. Don't forget to rinse your mouth because the black microbeads can make your teeth look black.

My opinion

After using this for 10 days, I've seen changing the color of my teeth. The transformation wasn't that big but that's maybe because I don't smoke, don't drink red wine.. the coffee I drink is like more milk thank coffee. So maybe is that the reason why the result wasn't that big. But at least there was a difference. My think that this dark stains collection would be a perfect whitening set for people who smoke and drink red wine. The products are very nice and don't taste bad at all. I give this products a 6,5/10 ... Again this is because my result wasn't that big as I thought it would be.

xoxo Yana