How I style my Bensimon sneakers

Autumn is the perfect season to wear my new Bensimon sneakers. They are blue, high enough and have wool inside. Let's be honest, doesn't that sound as the perfect autumn sneaker?

These Bensimon sneakers are the Tennis montana marine sneakers. They exist in four colors and 6 sizes. The sneakers are perfect for autumn because the wool inside and the rubber tip they have. I've chosen for the blue sneakers because this blue color is easy to combine with everything like you can read below.

I styled these sneakers with a regular jeans from Zara. It's a light blue skinny jeans. Normally I don't wear a blue jeans but it actually looks good with these blue sneakers. I put my pants inside the sneakers because that looks cool to me.

I'm also wearing black turtleneck from H&M. The turtleneck fits nicely and is not baggy at all. I've chosen for a black one because an outfit without something black wouldn't be a Yana-outfit. The turtleneck is also a real must-have during the cold days.

To make my outfit on point, I've chose for a blue trenchcoat from Lesara. You can wear this coat very classy but also on a daily base like I did here on the picture. It doesn't look that chic but it makes your outfit special. The blue color of this coat matches my Bensimon sneakers perfectly.

I've chosen a black handbag from Primark. This handbag has an amazing faux fur handle. The fur is blue and grey so that matches my outfit again. Remember the days that blue and black were awful together? Now it really looks cool, don't you think?

Last but not least is my Daniel Wellington watch. This is the Classing Petite Sterling 28 in White/Silver. This is a 28mm watch so it's not that striking but perfect as a nice detail. My coat was with silver details so that's why I chose a silver watch.

xoxo Yana