My Dove nourishing secret

Dove has a secret .. nourishing secrets. All women are different but there are women with the same hair or skin types as others and that is why Dove made the nourishing secrets range. They split up woman from France, Japan, Africa, India and Central-Amerika. Every range exists of a shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and body wash.

My favorite is the one from Central-Amerika with avocado-oil and calendula. The most woman in Central-Amerika have strong hair and a flexible skin. The shampoo and conditioner will keep your hair strong and avoid fragility. I was wondering if this was true so I tried it out.

I washed my hair 3 times with the shampoo and conditioner and I have to say that my hair does not break anymore. Not even a little bit. My hair is damaged , actually my hairpoints are because of my straightener so they break sometimes. The shampoo and conditioner really helped. My hair is stronger now and I feel it especially when I make a tail or knot.

I give this range a 8,5/10. The Central-Amerika range is a very good choice for people with the same hairtype as me. I think, it's important to choose the right range for you and don't use a random range because of the good smell. Dove made this to make sure that everyone has the right products for their body and hair so make use of them.

All these products are available at any Dove retailer.

Shampoo: € 3,79

Conditioner: € 3,79

Body Lotion: € 3,99

Body Wasg: 3,39

xoxo Yana