My favorite beauty products - October

October takes my skincare and make-up to another level. Autumn started so I'm way to excited to try out new things. New colors are popping op and new fragrances. It's maybe a bit strange but if you look at my favorites you can see that everything is gold/brown/green toned. It looks like October is attracting those colors. I ended up with 5 favorite products last month. Continue reading to read all about my favorite products!

1. Perfume

My favorite scent of the month is the CK One Gold limited edition. Calvin Klein brings a tribute to youth and to their gold chances. They want to let them know that everything is possible. The gold limited edition is just like the normal CK One a unisex fragrance. I love these kinds of fragrances. The perfume has a top note of fig with a detail of neroli and vetiver. This combination makes it perfect. By the way, let's be honest... Isn't this the most beautiful packaging you've ever seen?

CK One Gold limited edition - 50 ml - € 29,95

2. Eyebrow product

Eyebrows are the most important thing on your face (or that's what I think). They can make or break your look and that's the reason why the Wunderbow is one of my favorites. I think it's important to have good eyebrows. My eyebrows are way to light and that's the reason why I'm painting them every day. Wunderbrow made it a lot easier to me, it takes 2 minutes to paint them. The formula is semi-permanent and lasts for 3 or 4 days. The best thing about it is that you can't remove it with water but only with an oil based product. I love this because it makes my make-up routine easier.

Wunderbrow - € 29,95 (Only at DI)

3. Face care: serum

Autumn is always a bit colder so my skin deserves a better treatment and the Elexir Jeuness serum from Yves Rocher helps me with it. Normally I don't use a serum or maybe sometimes a lighter one but only when I feel that my skin needs it. The Elexir helps to clean your pores and it really does what it says. The skin looks younger and healthier. I've used this serum in combination with the restructuring day cream from the same range. This was the perfect combination for my skin.

Elexir jeuness Serum - € 37,95 (sales price: €19,90)

4. Face care: Detox collection Mylène

Like I said above, autumn dries out my skin. The first range I tried out this schoolyear was the Mylène detox range. The range exists of a micellar water, face scrub, facial cream and nutri serum. All these products are very easy to use. You can use them in the morning and evening, like I did, or use them only before you go to bed. The creams do have an SPF factor in them, this makes it very easy for on the go. The products are made for every skin. It will protect your skin against air pollution which avoids wrinkles, pigment stains, ...

Micellar water - € 9,50

Face scrub - € 12,50

Facial cream - € 21,50

Nutri Serum - € 18,00

5. Skincare: Urtekram

Carrefour Belgium is selling a new brand: Urtekram. I've tried out their coconut shower gel, shampoo and leave in conditioner. First of all, I'm a big coconut lover so I was so curious about these products. They are organic and vegan. My favorite product was for sure the leave in conditioner because it's super handy to use. You have to spray it on your hair after the shower and leave it in. All the products are moisturizing for the skin so that's perfect for this period of the year.

Shower Gel - € 6,60

Shampoo - € 6,95

Leave in conditioner - € 6,95

xoxo Yana