Pascaud institute - Synature treatment

I tried something new last week, the synature treatment from Pascaud. Pascaud is an institute that wants to improve the skin of each woman and man. It's not important how old you are because Pascaud wants to help everyone with their skin. One of their institutes is in Antwerp so I decided to go visit them for their newest treatment.

Once I arrived, the two ladies welcomed me so friendly. It felt so nice and good to come in. The institute has a very light interior with a luxury feel. There are several rooms for a treatment. Every room has a lounger with heating. The heating will give you a relax feeling.

The treatment I was looking for was the newest treatment they have. The Synature treatment. Their normal treatments are with electrical devices but this one is something different. But what is syntature treatment? Well, it has been developed to reduce pores and rejuvenate the skin.

Frist of all they start with some peelings on your naked skin. These peelings remove your old skin cells and now new cells can grow. After these peelings, you will have already a smooth and soft skin.

After the peeling, they massage a Synature®-micronpowder in your skin. This innovative ingredient is made from a sponge's skeleton needles. Don't be scared. The needles do look like powder because they are so small. They push all these needles in your skin. It hurts a little bit but not that much that you can't handle it.

The hollow structure of these needles makes small tubes in your skin. These tubes give nutrients access to your deeper skin layers. This is necessary for your homekit. Pascaud gives you a homekit with a day cream, night cream, cleanser and a vitamin C. You have to use these products for 7 days so today is the last day I use these products. The products will go deeper in your skin because of the needles (remember?).

My opinion

Underneath you can see a picture before and after the treatment. Now we're 7 days later and I have to say .. it works! I couldn't believe that pushing needles in my skin would help reduce my pores. I have quit large pores around my nose and now they are smaller. My pores aren't gone but now they are smaller. I could do another treatment to reduce them more.

My skin was already very young (like duh, I'm 22 years old) so I don't see a very big rejuvenation of the skin but the biggest improvement are my pores. My skin does feel very smooth and nice so that's a good sign. It's not dry at all. I've used the homekit every day and they day and night cream are not empty so I can use them some more days.

I would definitely recommend this treatment to everyone with pores and an older skintype. Don't be afraid for the needles, they don't hurt!

The synature treatment costs €225 and can be done at any Pascaud institute.

xoxo Yana