Oral-B Genius 9000N - Review

2 months ago, I started using the Oral-B Genius 9000N in rose gold. Never thought that a toothbrush could change my life that much. When I was younger, I used to use an electric toothbrush but I never liked it so much because it felt like I wasn't brushing my teeth that good. Now I gave this new one a chance. You know why? Because Oral-B developed an app that you can connect with your toothbrush so I thought it might be cool to see how I brush my teeth.

The Oral-B Genius 9000N comes with a charger, portable travel case, 3 brushes and a phone holder. Once you've downloaded the Oral-B app, you can start brushing your teeth. You have to place your phone in front of you so the camera can 'film' you. The phone holder will help you to position your phone. After doing this, you have to connect your brush with your phone via bluetooth. Now you can start using your brush.

The application will tell you more about how you brush your teeth and which places do need more attention. You get rewards for every time you brush your teeth. There are over 30e rewards so you can become a brush expert.

This brush really changed my life because I never realized that I forget some parts or that I'm not that patient with brushing my teeth for over 2 minutes. Sometimes it looks like your brushing your teeth for 10 minutes but just one minute passed. The best thing about this brush is for sure the connection with the app but another great thing is the portable travel case. The case is also with rose gold details. You can take your brush and 1 extra brush with you wherever you want. Instead of using the phone holder on vacation, the travel case has a place where you can put your phone. You can also charge your brush with the case. You get another cable for the case that you can plug in and charge it while your brush is protected. The travel case has also a USB port so you can even charge your phone with this case. I mean, how is this even possible? LOVE IT.

I really do take this case (and off course brush) anywhere with me. Brushing my teeth became a fun part of my day. I love to see the progress in the app and see my teeth getting whiter.

You can buy this brush in any electronic device shop like Mediamarkt, Van den Borre,... or order it online on Bol.com for €189.

xoxo Yana