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October 13, 2017

The 3 last months of this beautiful year. It was a buzzy year so I thought that it would be useful to tell you guys more about my planner. How I plan and keep organized.


Everything starts with a good planner. I use the Purpuz planner. It's a big desk planner with some bronze details. The planner is made to set your goals and to achieve them. Every month starts with a monthly overview. After this overview, you can find every week separate. On the left side, you can fill in your main goal on a private and work base. After filling in you weekly goal, you can judge yourself every day. Underneath every page, you can find some space for a to do list and a creative moment.


Once the month is over, you will find some questions to yourself. You have to complete these questions as a self-assessment. This will help you achieve your goals



This planner helped me to set some goals and to keep going. There's also a 2018 version and my one is already waiting for me. 

You can order yours here


xoxo Yana



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