Make my dream work - Book

Emma Gelaude is one of the most famous influencers and bloggers in Belgium. She has been trying to build her blog and we have to say that she has succeeded. The Ghent woman who has become mommy in the meantime is full time blogger. To motivate everyone and follow her own dream, she wrote the book "Make my dream work". It all began with her dream and now it is reality.

She shows a personal side of herself and emphasizes the things she likes. Both fashion, lifestyle and her baby are discussed in her book. In addition to this personal side, it is also about business and how she has realized this. Emma is a transcendent and wants everybody to pursue his dreams, just like she did. She has also an instagram where she inspires you.

I read the book in a while because it is very interesting and there are nice pictures that make you enjoy it. I'm giving the book an 8/10. The content is very nice and the cover is definitely worth laying the coffee table.

You can order her book here for €24,99.

xoxo Yana