My favorite beauty products - September

September is always an exciting month. There are a lot of new products launching so that means; a lot of events. I enjoyed every moment this month and tried out a lot of new launches. Because there were so many, I decided to list up my top 5. I chose 5 categories: Perfume, skincare (body), highlight, eyeshadow and lip product.

1. Perfume

My favorite scent of the month is the Kenzo world eau de parfum intense. The eau de parfum intense is the 'stronger' version from normal eau de parfum. The scent is made for powerful women. Francis Kurkdjian and Maïa Lernout added a new ingredient to this perfume; the blue plum, peony rose, jasmine and vanilla. The bottle is an eye because that's the symbol of Kenzo. The thing I like the most is the scent because it's so strong and powerful that it will last for hours and hours.

Kenzo world eau de parfum intense - 50 ml - € 74,50

2. Skincare (body)

Every girl knows the struggle of a body crème: sticky for a few hours and feels heavy on the legs. Kneipp launched the best bodylotion every: the body lotion mouse! Never expected that I would love using body lotion. Kneipp launched the body lotion mouse with almond blossom. They already had a big range of almond blossom products but added now the mouse. The mouse feels very light and dries quick. You will smell the almond blossom a lot longer, if you use it with the combination the douche foam.

Kneipp body lotion mouse - 200 ml - € 9,99

3. Highlight

Never thought that I would prefer to use a budget highlight instead of an Anastasia Glowkit. The Sleek highlighting palette 'Distorted dreams' is one of the most beautiful and budget proof pallets ever. You get 3 cream formulas ( a green, white and blue one) and 2 powder shades ( a pink and beige one) in this pallet. You can use all the colors on your cheeks, lips and eyes or layer them if you want a special effect.

Sleek Distorted dreams - € 13,95

4. Eyeshadow

Hands down, the Naked 3 pallet was my all-time favorite but now ... Urban Decay came last month with a new pallet; the Naked HEAT. This pallet has the perfect colors for a day or night look. It has 12 eyeshadows like every Naked pallet has. There are 7 matt shades, 1 shiny transition shade and 4 shimmery shades. The colors are beige, brown and red toned. You can mix and match them to switch easily from a day to night look.

Naked HEAT - € 54,90

5. Lip product

My last favorite product but not the least is or are the French Kiss lip balms from Caudalie. These lip balms are tinted but are also very smooth and hydrated. They are easy to apply with your finger even without a mirror. Caudalie created 3 different scents and colors; the lightest one is the innocence, the medium one is the séduction and the dark color is the addiction (my fav). The balms are perfect to throw in your handbag and to keep your lip smooth and soft.

Caudalie French Kiss - € 12,30