My favorite eyeliners - TOP 3

A lot of girls struggle with their eyeliner and guess what, I'm one of those girls. (Say hi!) Luckily there are a lot of easy eyeliners and hacks to help me make the perfect wing. I want to show you my top 3 favorite eyeliners.

My number one favorite eyeliner is the Wonder Wing eyeliner from Rimmel. The tip has a flat side. What I mostly do is stamping my wing with the flat side so my wing is always identical. This applicator is especially designed for Rimmel. After stamping my wing a draw a line above my eye with the other side of the liner and connect that line with my wing.

This eyeliner is intense black and will give you a wing of medium thickness. It easy for on the go because you can't draw your wing faster as this.

The Wonder Wing eyeliner will be available in Belgium from the beginning of October for €7,99.

My second favorite eyeliner is THE CURVE from NYX. This eyeliner is designed to fit comfortably in the hand. You can't hold it like a pencil but you have to place it in your hand as you can see on the picture.

This eyeliner is perfect for a daily wing because it's softer black and the tip is very thin. This gives you the possibility to experiment with your wing. You can make a thin wing but also a curly one or something special.

This eyeliner is available in every NYX store in Belgium.

The last eyeliner in my TOP3 is the masterGRAPHIC from Maybelline. This eyeliner was one of the first I ever used. The eyeliner had the same tip as a fluo marker. the only difference is that it is a black eyeliner (obviously). You can hold it like you hold a marker and draw a wing with the sides. The tip isn't round but has 2 flat sides. These parts can help you draw the line and wing at once.

This eyeliner gives you a black thick line above your eye so it's perfect for a party or a date night.

This eyeliner is available at Kruidvat for €8,99.

xoxo Yana