Personalize your phone/laptop cover

Finding the perfect phone or laptop case is always a struggle. I searched for a website where I can create my own cases. That's how I found

Caseapp is a Dutch website that gives you the chance to design your own laptop or phone case. The first thing you have to do is choosing what you want: laptop, tablet or phone case. Once you made that decision you have to select the phone you have so the case fits perfectly. If you want a phone case, you can chose all the iPhone models, the Samsung S line and the iPad 4/3/2 and iPad mini 2. They have also extra protective cases for iPhone.

If you want a laptop skin (a sticker instead of a case), you get to chose between more than a laptop. Caseapp offers skins for all the iPhone's, MacBook's, iPad's, Samsung S line, iPod touch, HTC One X, HTC Desire, HTC Sensation XL and last but not least the Nokia Lumia.

After choosing the right model, you can start designing your own case. Caseapp has a lot of examples to give you some inspiration. I searched on the internet for "Turkish blue marble" and "marble with gold". I'll put the prints I used underneath the blogpost.

I teamed up with caseapp to give you 20% discount on your order.

Use code YANA20 until the 4th of November.

xoxo Yana

I couldn't find the blue marble again so I looked for something similar.