Remington - Keratine protect straigt brush

It's time to celebrate someone's birthday ... Happy birthday Remington! Congrats with your 80 years young existence.

To celebrate their 80 years, Remington launched a new line. The Keratin Protect. They have a straightener, dryer, auto curler, straight brush, 19-28 mm wand, heared barrel brush and a rotating air styler. Thanks to the Keratin Protect Intelligent Heat-Protective Sensor, will your hair be stronger and is better protected.

I tried the Keratin protect straight brush. The brush is a 2-1 brush that straightens your hair. Instead of using a straightener, you can brush your hair with the straight brush till it's straight. The brush can warm up from 150 till 230 degrees. Read below to see the result of the straight brush.

The brush is available from October at Mediamarkt, wehkamp and for € 59,99.

I have very thick hair so I thought that it would be very hard to straight my hair. My hair was wavy so this would be perfect try it. It took me around 15 minutes to straight my hair on 230 degrees. The brush does not feel warm at all so it's a pleasure to use.

I'm very happy with the result as you can see on the picture. My hair felt soft and was straight for 3 days. I would use this brush every time when I don't have a lot of time. I LOVE IT

xoxo Yana