CBD oil - Holland and Barrett

One of my friends is obsessed by alternative medicines and I was looking for a birthday present for her. During my search, I wound something interesting. Something that I ordered for her and for myself. Win win. And yes, the title tells you what I ordered: CBD oil. The product surprised me so I wanted to tell you more about it.

CBD or cannabidiol is on of the most important substances of the cannabis plant. The oil has 275mg CBD per 10ml. The oil gives a relaxing feeling and is not addictive. Most people use the oil to relax or to reduce pain.

How to use?

Drop 2 - 3 times a day 15 drops below your tongue. You have to keep the oil for one minute in your mouth before you swallow it. This amount is not good for everyone. Some people are more sensitive than others so you have to balance it for yourself. After using it, drink a glass water to get rid of the taste.

My opinion

I tried the product while I had a lot of muscle pain after a sport day and I have to admit that this was the super helpful. As the oil promised, it gave a relaxing feeling. I couldn't believe that this would work and would take away my pain. I really do recommend this product for people with a lot of pain or people who need to relax.

A bottle of 10ml (like on the picture) is about €19,99. You can't buy it in Belgium but you can buy it in the Netherlands at Holland and Barrett. You even can order it from their webshop. They ship everything worldwide. (Attention: If you want to order it from Belgium go to the Dutch webshop and not to the Belgian one.)