Bambooti - Real stone cases

Marble is one of the most popular stones these days and everyone wants a marble phone case, laptop covers , .. just marble everywhere!

Bambooti is a case company that was specialized in bamboo cases for smartphones and macbooks. On 16/05/2017, they launched their new speciality and new collection with REAL STONES.

All the cases are handmade in Belgium. The cases are just 1mm thin and weight 80gr. There are 7 special stones where you can choose from. The best about these cases is that every case is unique. Every texture is different and even the collor can be different because its designed by the nature. You can chose cases for iPhone

The phone cases are available from €35 and the macbook covers from €55.

You can go to to see the whole collection and don't forget to check out their instagram page.

xoxo Yana