Zeitgard One - My opinion

Last week, I had the chance to follow a beauty workshop with Inge De Dier, she works for LR as a beauty consultant. LR is a company that provides beauty products, perfumes, make-up and also the Zeitgard 1 and 2. You can buy all the products from LR by Inge herself. You can find her on facebook and she has her own website.

I tried out the Zeitgard 1, the facial cleaning brush. Let me introduce you to this amazing brush.

What is Zeitgard?

As I said, the Zeitgard 1 is a facial tool. You can use it to clean your face or to get rid of the make-up on your face. The brush is made for two skin types: "sensitive skin" and "all skin types". The pink line is for the sensitive skin and the blue line is for all the skin types. They also have products that are supposed to use with the right brush.

Before you decide which skin type you are, you can fill in a paper to get to know your skin and to discover the best products for your skin.

How to use it

Zeitgard is really handy. You can plug the charger in to charge your brush. It's with a USB cable so you can even charge it through your laptop. Once the Zeitgard is charged, you can start using it. The brush makes a half rotation to the left and a half to the right without making full rotations. Because of the half rotation, the brush goes deeper in your skin to clear out all the pores.

The rotation starts by pushing the button one time. If you push the button a second time, the rotation will get faster. That's also for the third push, this is the fastest rotating.

My opinion

I do love the Zeitgard even more than I thought. My face is approved so much thanks to this tool. I would recommend it to everyone. The products are also very good for your skin but you can also choose to use other products, what you prefer.

Another amazing thing about LR is that they donate a percentage of your buy to charity!

xoxo Yana