Ortis Detoxine - My opinion

August 30, 2017


The last 2 months, I tried out the détox products from Ortis. The products are supposed to help you feel better and they give you a better skin. My favourite thing about these products is the fact that all the products from Ortis are plant based. Let's give you some information about every product I tried. 



The first thing I tried out is the 'Detoxine Vitality'. It's a package with 60 pills and you have to use it 20 days long so that means 3 pills a day. I took every morning, evening and afternoon a pill for 20 days and I have to say.. What a surprise. I felt better and my digestion was promoted. I was also a litlle bit tired the last days and thanks to this cure, I feel a lot better. 




The send cure I tried was the 'detoxine skin'. This cure exists of 7 bags of powder that you have to mix with water. The best thing about this is that you can mix the powder in a smoothie with for example avocado, milk and peach. After 7 days my skin was shiny and felt smoother. I  couldn't believe that this would do what it promissed. 





 xoxo Yana


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