Paris - Comme Chez maman

During my stay in Paris, I visited Comme Chez Maman.

Comme Chez Maman is a restaurant in Paris near the Sacre Coeur and the Moulin Rouge. The owner of this restaurant is Wim. Wim is a Belgian chef who decided to open a restaurant in a lovely city. That's how Comme Chez Maman started. Win can't get enough of this restaurant so now he decided to start a second restaurant in the same street. His other restaurant will open in the end of August.

At Comme Chez Maman, they want to offer you a unique experience. You can order a 'regulae meal' like you would eat at your mom's but it's served like in an high class restaurant. Everything is so detailed and special.

Also in Belgium is Wim a buzzy working bee. He's making his own beer here. He does even sel this beer at the restaurant. Guess what, the name of his beer is: WIM!

I highly recommend to go and visit Comme Chez Maman for a dinner or lunch because the food was delicious!

5 rue des Moines 75017 Paris


xoxo Yana