NMBS - My interrail adventure

I was looking for a citytrip to Paris or Londen but couldn't decide what to book or how to go. I wanted to take the train but had to book a lot of trains last minute and that was pretty expensive. I found out that NMBS has an Interrail pass so my decision was made.

Lot of you guys are now wondering what an Interrail pass is, right? It's a "trainticket" for a period of 15 or 7 days. My interrail pass was valid from the 15th of July till the 30th of July. During this period you can travel arround Europe. Almost every European country works with NMBS to give you an amazing experience with the train.

The Interrail for 15 days has a price of €250. The only thing that's not inclueded are the booking costs for the high speed trains like the Thalys, Eurostar and ICE train for example. Once you decioded to go somewhere you have to fill in the date, hour, place of departure and your final destination before you get on the train.

Wondering what I did with my Interrail pass? Read everything here!

My adventure started on the 27th of July. Me and my boyfriend where going on a citytrip with Interrail. We took the train in Hove (the nearest station for me) to Brussels-South. When we arrived in Brussels we had to run to take the train to LONDEN!

The trains were on time so we arrived arround 9.15 in Londen. We wanted to do the typical tourist things but had only 1 day. Because we had an Interrail pass we took an other train to Blackfriars. Blackfriars is a station in the middle of the center of Londen. We walked a lot from there. We've seen the Big Ben, Londen Eye, Carneby Street, Oxford Steet, .. Everything.

We had to catch our train at 18.30 to go to Paris. Because we had to do that and our time was limited we decided to take the train to St. Pancras where the Eurostar to Paris stops. So we took the train in Farringdon to St. Pancras with our Interrail pass.

Because we were travelling with the Interrail Pass, we were sitting in first class. That gives you the advantage to have a meal on board.

Once we arrived in Paris we went imidiatly to our hotel. We stayed for two nights in the Ibis Gare de Lyon Ledru Rollin hotel. The hotel was near the station Gare de Lyon so that was handy because we could take every train with our Interrail pass. We were also near the Notre Damme and Centre Pompidou so you could even walk to there.

Read everything about my stay in my privous blogpost : Paris - Ibis Gare de Lyon

We spend two days in Paris what's really enough to see the city. We went to the Notre Damme, Eifeltower, Centre Pompidou, the Louvre, .. Can you guess how many kilometers we walked? Well, every day arround 22 km! Yes, we are crazy.

After 3 amazing days with the Interrail pass we went back home to Belgium.

xoxo Yana