Atelier Rebul - New stores in BE

Recently, I discovered a new beauty brand: Atelier Rebul. Atelier Rebul opened their first two stores in Belgium. One in Gent and one in Hasselt. Later this year, they will also open a store in Leuven, Liège, Charleroi, Bruges and Antwerp.

Almost all of their products are made of natural ingredients. Their specific ingredient is broccoli extract. Broccoli is an expensive ingredient but Atelier Rebul believes that it works so they want to add it in their products. Broccoli has a lot of vitamins in it and now you can use their vitamins on your body with Atelier Rebul.

I tried out 2 products from their store. The jasmine fragrance and the ultra moisture face mist.

The jasmine fragrance is an eau de cologne, not a perfume. The fragrance exists out of a high percentage of alcohol what gives you the advantage to use it as a disinfection. Because of the high percentage of alcohol, the smell is so powerful and amazing.

One of my favorite things about Atelier Rebul is their packaging. It's so beautiful and detailed. They can print out a label to put it on your bottle. I have a label with 'Yana's fragrance choice' and 'Fragrance for my special friend'. They can print out a label at any moment in their stores.

The ultra moisture face mist is a spray to hydratas your face. You can use it before you apply make-up but also afterwards as a finishing spray. You can spray 2 pumps on your face every morning and evening to have a good hydrated face. The mist dries in a few seconds so you don't have to wait for hours to do the rest of your beauty routine. This spray is also paraben and mineral oil free.

Atelier Rebul stores:

  • Grote Markt 5, Hasselt

  • Groenbrugstraat 7, Gent

xoxo Yana