Veet sensitive precision - review

Since I love beauty and I'm obsessed with trying out the newest products and tools, I want to tell you more about my new favorite tool. It's the veet sensitive precision. It's the perfect beauty tool to trim your eyebrows and bikini line.

The veet sensitive precision has 2 kind of trimmers that you can attach on the device. Both trimmers have an extra piece to help you by the trimming part.

The first trimmer is for your eyebrows. One side is the bigger trimmer to do the edges of your eyebrow and on the other side there's a smaller trimmer to do the detailed work. If you want to shorten your hair, you can add the extra piece on the trimmer and you can do it without any problem.

The other trimmer is for your bikini line. You just have to use it as a shaver if you want to remove your hair totally. If you want to trim the hairs, you can add the extra piece on the trimmer and shorten the hair you want.

The trimmer works with one AA battery so that's very functional. You get also a travelbag with it so you can carry it on wherever you go.

You can find this product at all major retailers and e-tailers.

Price: € 29,90

xoxo Yana