Smart fortwo cabrio - review

If you're following me on instagram, you've seen my driving the Smart fortwo cabrio. (If you're not following me: what are you waiting for? : Normally I drive a Mercedes B200 but I wanted to test something different, something cool and something handy. The smart fortwo cabrio was perfect to try out.

I drove a black smart with red roof. It was an automatic, full option car. the first thing I thought was "parking should be so easy now". And guess what? It was super easy. I live near Antwerp and going to Antwerp was always difficult. With this smart fortwo you can park everywhere, vertical or horizontal, it doesn't matter at all. That makes living in a city like Antwerp so easy. The trunk was small, like I excepted. You can fit 2 six packs of 2l water bottles inside it so that's enough for a picnic!

Let's be honest, isn't this smart the perfect car for the summer?

xoxo Yana