DIY - Tinted eyebrows

A few years ago, I started painting my eyebrows. My hair is dark brown but my eyebrows are medium brown. Most girls have darker eyebrows but I have lighter. Painting them was the best option I had. I started painting them at a beauty specialist and I was really happy with it. She did a good job and my eyebrows were always on fleek.

Now the last few months, I had an internship and my graduation project going on so it was a busy period. I couldn't find the time to go to her to paint my eyebrows. I had to search for another alternative. Filling them in was the only option I had at that moment, until I came across Delia Cosmetics Color Cream.

Delia Cosmetics Color Cream is basically a hair color cream. It works the same as a real hair coloring. You have to mix 1cm from the cream with 10 drops of the liquid activator. Once this is mixed, you can put it carefully on your eyebrows (like you can see on the 4th picture underneath). After 10 minutes, you can swipe this off with a cotton pad. The 5th picture underneath is from the first time. I decided to do another layer and the last picture underneath is the result.

I'm very happy with the result. It isn't the same as at a beauty specialist but it was fine. I still have to fill them in with a pencil or powder but not that much. This is really a good tip for all the busy girls. It takes 10 minutes and you're good to go!

xoxo Yana