Micellar - Corine de Farme

Every girl wants her skin to glow but let's be honest.. everyone knows the lazy days. I'm that girl that wears make-up every day. That means that I have to remove my make-up every evening or night. I have a whole night routine and I remove my make-up mostly with micellar water. Lately I've been testing Corine de Farme purity micellar water, make-up remover wipes and micellar eye make-up remover.

The micellar water was like all the micellar waters. It does the job and removes my make-up perfectly. The handy thing about this micellar water was the pump at the top. It is so easy to push the pump once instead of turning the bottle upside down.

Corine de Farme purify micellar water 500ml, € 5,40

To remove my waterproof eye make-up, I used Corine de Farme micellar eye make-up remover. This make-up remover consists of oil and micellar water. You have to shake the bottle untill it's light blue. After shaking you can put it on a cotton pad. The thing I do, is putting this cotton pad on my eyeballs and waiting for like a minute. After this minute I can swipe of my eye make-up at once.

Corine de Garme micellar eye make-up remover 100 ml, € 2,50

Last but not least at all, the make-up remover wipes. I thought that these would be like the normal make-up remover wipes but after using them, a new wold opened up to me. These wipes are with micellar lotion and are specially made for sensible skin. You can even remove waterproof eye make-up with them. It's the perfect thing for on the go or for a lazy evening. This is my favourite skincare product by far now.

Corine de Farme make-up remover wipes x25, € 2,60

xoxo Yana