Lane 12 - Restaurant workshop

Last week, I was invited for a cooking workshop at Lane12 .

Lane 12 is a restaurant from the same owners as San Marco Village and Wima bowling. The restaurant has an open kitchen and amazing live cooking. The interior is amazing. When you walk into the restaurant, you can see a classy and chic interior with a lot of turquoise and metal. The restaurant has a special way of working. Due the week you can eat 'à la carte' for dinner. That means that you can chose a meal from the menu and they will prepare it. For lunch, you can choose out of 5 meals for €15. During the weekend, they offer the Full experience. That means that you can eat 'all you can eat' for €46. There is sushi, pizza, salad, teppanyaki, BBQ,… My favourite thing about the restaurant are the side dishes. I'm not a real vegetable lover but the combinations they make in their wok are delicious. I thought that I would prefer the pizza but surprisingly I preferred the vegetables side dishes.

You can find them at: Boomsesteenweg 35 , Schelle xoxo Yana