Bavet - Antwerp restaurant

There's a new hotspot in Antwerp since the 1st of April; named BAVET.

Bavet opened his first restaurant in Ghent and now they have opened one in Antwerp.

The concept is as simple as the name. They offer spaghetti in 6 ways. But that's not everything. They let you chose the topping and the 'over'-topping. The most popular topping is meatballs, for sure. And last but most important: we are not responsible for stains on your shirt, so wear your bavet.

They are very favorable in terms of price. A small or mouse spaghetti is €9 or€ 9,5 and the biggest one is €13,5 or €14.

You can choose between 3 sizes: mouse, dog and horse (small, medium and large).

The interior of the restaurant is very industrial. Everything is with metal details. Even the menu card is stuck to a metal housing. Everything suits very well together. On the first floor, you have a great view of the Nationalestraat where you can enjoy your Spaghetti during a date for example.

The one thing I loved the most about the interior, where the details. Everything is personalized. They have their own 'Bavet van Antwerpen' instead of the 'Gazet van Antwerpen' and their own Heinz ketchup that says; please wear your bavet.

You can find them at: Nationalestraat 102, Antwerp

xoxo Yana