The Vitrine - Belgian startups

Since I study international business, I'm a big fan of Belgian startups. Especially the startups with Belgian made products.

Last weekend I went to The Vitrine, an event bij Yes It's you events. The Vitrine was an event with four startups. All four of them were Belgian startups from young passionate people. I really admire the fact that they follow their dream, even if it's a big risk. Everyone should do that.

Back to the event and to the startups.

Like I said there were four startups. One with bags, one with gin, one with baking supplies and one with men's accessories.

My two favorite ones where the one with the bags (MIMO) and the one with the gin (make your own spirit).


The founder of Mimo is a young girl with a passion for drawing. A few years ago, she started drawing handbags and now she has a label. How impressive is that! Every bag has a transparent detail. Some of them have a transparent back side and some of them a transparent valve. The transparent side give you the chance to put cool things inside your bag that everyone can see, to give it your own touch.


It's all about personalized things lately. Make your own spirit is found by 2 man. The concept is about personalized gin bottles. So, you can choose a bottle, from small too big and transparent to black. There are a lot of options. Once you've chosen your bottle, you start making a personalized sticker. It's a perfect gift for every occasion. And let's be honest; gin is the most popular drink these days!

xoxo Yana