Furn and deco - Designsales

It's all about design nowadays and everyone wants to decorate their home with new or vintage pieces.

A few months ago, a new store opened his doors in Antwerp; named Designsales. Designsales offers the perfect furniture for every place. They go from modern to vintage and even classical furniture. The best thing about this place is that everything looks expensive but all the things are really affordable.

Downstairs you can find the perfect living room furniture and decoration for your home. There are some colorful sofas that would look stunning in every living room, definitely a must-have. On the first floor, you can find furniture for your office, dining room, ... So much leather chairs that you can't even choose which one the nicest one is. Finally, we have the second floor. There we can find everything for your bedroom. The nicest bedding with cats and flowers. That what everyone wants right?

Let's talk about the location of the store.

Designsales is located in a chapel in the middle of Antwerp. It feels like you're walking into a renovated magical place. The wooden beams and the courtyard garden give you the real chapel feel.


Grote Pieter Potstraat nr 15

2000 Antwerp

xoxo Yana