Hats of Antwerp - Rebel

The perfect detail even it's summer or winter, that's obviously a hat.

I'm not a really 'classy' woman because I mostly prefer a casual style or try to combine both styles together. Mostly I feel overdressed when I'm in my classy mood. So, lately I try to add just one detail to make my casual outfit a bit classier and that's how I discovered that a hat is a perfect detail for every outfit.

Hats of Antwerp is an exclusive hat brand from Antwerp. Young entrepreneur Nele Goovaerts started the brand a while ago because she wanted to start something different. And I can admit that she's doing a great job. All the hats are made in Belgium and are with handmade details. What's not to love about that?

My favourite thing about Hats of Antwerp is that they make hats in different sizes. So, you can chose a S, M or L. That's the best thing for me since I've a big head. That's nothing to be ashamed for (I mean, that's because of all the brains, right?).

There are a lot of hats for everyone. Since I'm a young girl, I'm wearing the ""rebel"" hat in bordeaux. A classy hat in a nice collar with a funny word on it. That's perfect to spend my day in Ghent.


xoxo Yana


Hat: Hats of Antwerp

Watch: Casio

Sweater: New Look

Pants: Mango